Meet Our Team

CCES consists of environmental professionals who are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to industrial wastewater and are recognized as national and international experts in the use of natural treatment systems.  We are committed to providing top quality consulting and engineering services for our clients with each stage of a project, including site assessment, permitting, design and fabrication, installation, operation, and maintenance.

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Brad Granley, P.E., President and Founder

Brad is a licensed professional engineer and the founder and president of CCES.  He has 25 years of experience and has helped change the way the solid waste industry looks at leachate management by promoting and implementing innovative treatment systems.  His project and professional achievements include saving clients millions of dollars, reducing the carbon footprint of facilities, speaking at national and state technical conferences, and being named a “Community Changemaker” by the National Waste and Recycling Association for his role in changing the industry with natural systems.  Brad has extensive design, installation, and O&M experience with numerous leachate treatment and soil and groundwater remedial technologies, leading numerous projects from small, simple sites to very complex, multi-million-dollar efforts.

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Richard Stoor, P.E., Senior Environmental Engineer

Ric is a licensed professional engineer with 18 years of experience in the solid waste and remediation engineering fields. He specializes in the design of complex treatment systems and also has outstanding field engineering and troubleshooting skills. His ability to adapt on short notice to the variability typical of field work is a valuable strength. Ric has completed many permitting projects (NPDES, POTW, air discharge, solid waste) and risk evaluations, designed and implemented pilot test procedures, and has prepared specifications, plans, and bidding documents for successful system installations. He also is very adept at managing projects through effective communication and planning, and he understands that the true success or failure of a system over time is directly related to the completion of proper O&M activities. This approach minimizes disruptions to system operations and maximizes savings over the life of a project.

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Eric Wiediger, Senior Project Manager

Eric has more than 15 years of experience focused on solid waste, landfill leachate, and environmental projects in both private and public sectors.  As a project manager focused on phyto-technologies, he oversees field installations and provides technical support and maintenance on active systems.  Eric excels at developing permit applications, system designs, regulatory reports, manuals, feasibility studies, and safety plans.  He also has experience with environmental due diligence assessments and site remediation activities.

He started off his environmental career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mongolia where he collaborated with national parks and local groups on projects involving community-based natural resource management.  After returning to the states, he became specialized in solid waste regulatory compliance over 8 years with the PADEP where he led hundreds of inspections, investigations, and enforcement cases.  His areas of focus included industrial facilities, chemical refineries, manufacturing plants, scrapyards, landfills, and hospitals.  Eric also studied environmental issues while living in Cameroon and holds a master’s degree in public health.

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Mike Elliott, Director of Business Development

With over 30 years of business experience in a number of industries, Mike has developed an uncanny ability to quickly identify the core environmental needs for a given company, and then precisely match innovative technologies to quickly solve problems.  The approaches developed by Mike typically produce millions of dollars of savings over the long term and ensure compliance, all while reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact.  His current area of focus involves bringing innovative water treatment and restorative techniques to various industries using cutting-edge technologies including, but not limited to, phyto-technologies, WAIV evaporation, advanced electro-chemical oxidation, biochar, fungi, microbes, and algae.

Prior to working with LMS, Mike served as a key individual for a number of businesses including owner of a marine construction company specializing in wetlands and erosion control, vice president of a carbon fiber manufacturer for bridge and waterfront structures, and a partner in a marine structural restoration company for dry repairs of offshore pilings.  He has also designed and manufactured oyster reefs in the Chesapeake Bay as part of a project with the Army Corps of Engineers and Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

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John Krinis, Managing Member

John has over 15 years of project management and small business experience.  In 2011, he co-founded an environmental consulting and engineering firm where his contributions effectively led to the rapid expansion and consistent growth of the company and eventually a successful merger in 2017.  As the Chief Operating Officer, John supervised the daily business direction and overall functions performed by staff.  He also designed, fabricated, and installed equipment for treatment systems, as well as completed environmental due diligence and sampling activities.  John has also served as a Health and Safety Superintendent for construction and clean-up projects, including the World Trade Center site, and holds a master's degree in business administration.  John’s leadership and management traits have proven effective in business development and company growth.